My Time At The Lola Getts SoulCycle Event

I was invited to attend Lola Getts event at SoulCycle in Beverly Hills this past Sunday. I was so excited and had no idea, I was truly in for a real treat! As I walked into SoulCycle, I was greeted by Stacey Goldstein owner of Lola Getts Active wear and given a super cute tank to put on. There was a buzz about the studio as people were getting ready for the spin class to begin. The welcome I received by the staff at SoulCycle was so warm and helpful. I put on my Lola Getts tank and leggings, snapped on my cycle shoes and entered the spin studio. With dimmed lights, I found a cycle and snuggled in. I honestly, didn’t know what to expect as this was my first time doing a spin class. Our class instructor Lisa Moloshok, came out of the gate with inspiration! As we started to cycle and I felt the burn in my legs, with closed eyes in a meditative state, I began my 45 minute SoulCycle journey. Let me tell you, the class was far from easy. However, I was given a chance to be authentic with myself. The more I pushed myself, tears came to my eyes as I thought about the fibromyalgia diagnosis I was given in 2013 and how fibromyalgia is no longer my story. I focused on how I want to show up in the world. Then it came to me and I started chanting I AM BEAUTIFULLY HUMAN, I AM ENOUGH, I MATTER, I AM WORTHY over and over again. A smile appear through the tears and I had a serious breakthrough! Before I knew it, I had cycled without stopping an entire 45 minutes, completely drenched in sweat with my blood pumping; I had conquer my fear went all the way and accomplished an intense workout, doctors said I’d never be able to do again! A special thanks goes out to Lola Getts, Stacey Goldstein, Lisa Moloshok, and SoulCycle for this experience. SoulCycle’s spin class changed my life. I look forward to continuing my journey to being fit and healthy. And against the odds of what society and medicine’s belief, which say as a curvy plus sized woman I can’t do it!

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